Dude, Where's My Air: More Fort Bend County Pot Follies

What is it with Fort Bend County stoners these days? Why do they continue to reenact scenes from Cheech and Chong movies?

Last week we brought you the tale of the unlucky East Bernard motorist whose simple pot possession charge was upgraded to felony evidence-tampering after he ate the joint he was caught smoking in his car.

This week, we bring you the misadventures of teenagers Colene Horton and Chase Thomas.

Monday evening, Missouri City police were called out to investigate a suspicious vehicle parked in the driveway of an abandoned house. Fort Bend Now picks up the tale:

When officers approached the car, they could smell the odor of marijuana coming from both the driver and passenger side windows. The officer asked the female driver and male passenger why it smelled like marijuana, and the pair replied that they had been smoking pot earlier at another location and came to the driveway to "air out" the car.

Amazingly, that explanation didn't resolve matters.

A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered a small bag of weed in the center console of Horton's car and a small amount in Thomas's pocket. Both were charged with possession of marijuana less than 2 ounces.

At least neither of them tried to eat the evidence.

And perhaps they learned to roll the windows down before they lit up. Hot-boxing doesn't pay -- not in Fort Bend County.


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