DVR Warning: Daily Show to Take On Legislature's Right-Wing Christians Tonight

State reps, get ready for your close-up
State reps, get ready for your close-up

The Daily Show is getting ready to show America just how progressive, intelligent and open-minded the Texas Legislature is -- check that, we are now informed they are going to show the Lege for what it is.

The Austin American-Statesman's capitol blog reports that TDS is expected to air tonight a segment filmed this week on the attempts by conservative Christians to replace Jewish speaker of the House Joe Strauss.

TDS correspondent Jamie John Oliver was at the capitol earlier this week and talked to "the House's New York-raised Jew, Representative Elliott Naishtat, an Austin Democrat, for his take," the Statesman reports.

There was also some New York deli involved, including salami, corned beef and Jewish rye.

So we're guessing it will be a positive piece, right?

Prepare to cringe.

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