Dynamo Player Fined $500 For Bad Tweeting

These damn kids and their tweeting twittering twatness!! When will they ever learn?

Houston Dynamo star Brian Ching was fined $500 by Major League Soccer for something he wrote on  his Twitter account after a recent game, or match, or tilt or whatever they call those soccer things.

"Ref in seattle just cheated the dynamo. What a joke. Not even close. Ref is a cheat," wrote Ching, who clearly was only just beginning to develop his thesis when he was cut off by the 140-character limit.

The match (we're going with that) and tweet in question was Saturday;Ching posted an apology soon after.

"I apologize for the comment which i made in the heat of the moment. Everyone tries their best and mistakes happen."

Still, MLS fined him $500.

Five hundred bucks? We don't think the NFL has fines that low. It's a pretty high price to pay for a bad tweet, though.

We're sure that in the future Ching will stick the standard inane tweets that everyone else does. Like his most recent one: "Touche @stuholden22, got a little retribution. At least you havent put a pic up of that terrible new dyed hair of yours".


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