Edward Gutierrez finally confesses
Edward Gutierrez finally confesses
Photo courtesy HCSO

Edward Gutierrez: 31 Years Later, Confesses To Murder

Photo courtesy HCSO
Edward Gutierrez finally confesses

When Santiago Conale, 23, was found stabbed to death back in 1979, investigators interrogated Edward Gutierrez.

They didn't press any charges against him, though, so he must have had a convincing alibi.

Thirty-one years later, members of the Harris County Sheriff's cold-case team reviewed that interview as they studied the still-unsolved Conale murder.

They "noted contradictory statements" given at that time, according to the Sheriff's Office, and they asked Gutierrez if they could speak to him again.

He said yes. And that's not all he said.

Gutierrez, HCSO says, "admitted stabbing Conale multiple times before dumping his body in the 4500 block of Barker Cypress."

Well, that was easy.

Gutierrez, now 58, has been charged with murder and is in Harris County Jail on a $100,000 bond, no doubt ruing the `70s.

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