Elizabeth Kapa: Injures Fiance's Penis In Wee Hours Fracas

The wedding plans of Elizabeth Kapa and her fiance seem to have gone deeply awry.

Police in Alexandria, Louisiana say that Kapa, an attractive brunette, inked woman in her mid-20s, came home at 4 a.m. Sunday and found her fiance in bed. An argument ensued, which turned physical. At some point, police say, Kapa ripped her lover's pants off his body and grabbed his penis in such a way that caused him pain.

Since the attack was directed at his genitals, Kapa is charged not with domestic assault, but instead with sexual battery by forcible fondling, though that "fondling" part seems a bit of a misnomer. She could get ten years in the Louisiana pen...

Elsewhere on the 'net, we found news of the couple's engagement.

Apparently a Fall 2012 wedding had been planned. Here's hoping for the guy's sake that he yanked, grabbed, twisted and pulled those plans off the table as soon as he tucked his injured junk back into his drawers.

And it does indeed appear that there will be no wedding bells for this unhappy couple. A key detail was shared by the Alexandria news outlet Police say they also found the charred remnants of a wedding dress in Kapa's apartment.

Did Kapa torch her own wedding dress in a moment of high histrionics? Or did the fiance do it because she was out painting Alexandria red 'til 4 a.m.?

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