Elizabeth Ramon: Kidnaps Her Girlfriend When She Tries to Break Up with Her

What do you do when your girlfriend says she wants to break up with you? We're guessing your first 35 guesses did not include "kidnap her."

But that's because you're not Elizabeth Ashley Ramon of Needville, who has been charged with kidnapping for doing just that.

Reports say a Sugar Land police officer was giving out a ticket at 59 and University Boulevard Saturday afternoon when he saw a car crash on the nearby feeder road.

A woman jumped out of the car and ran to him, saying she'd been kidnapped by Ramon.

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The woman said she had grabbed the wheel and caused the crash when she saw the cop.

Fort Bend Now says:

According to the passenger, Ramon did not want their relationship to end so she claimed she had a gun and told the victim that she was taking her to an unknown location for the night until she changed her mind about ending the relationship.

Ah, romance. We're not sure if we can quite see how Ramon expected this strategy to work long-term, but perhaps she wasn't really thinking long-term at the time.

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