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Peace out

Every Weed Farm Needs A Good Rocket Launcher

Here's a tip if you're planning on running a Liberty County weed farm: Get a rocket launcher.

Apparently you're going to need one, if the operation busted by cops yesterday is any indication.

Acting on a Crime Stoppers tip, law enforcement authorities raided a property near Cleveland, Fox 26 reports, and found -- in addition to the usual weed and some meth -- a nice little arsenal.

Officers told the station they discovered a stash "including, but not limited to shotguns, semi-automatic shotguns, rifles, handguns and even a L.A.W. (laws) rocket launcher."

Not a whole lot of specifics are being released about the bust, but the location also had a large amount of cash and stolen goods, police say.

Arrests were made, but names and charges have not been released.


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