Famine Fundraiser? Sounds More like a Famine Fun Raiser!

It’s that time of year again – yes, time for the 30-hour hunger-off brought to you by the socially conscious folks at World Vision. According to the organization, about 1,400 Houston-area teens will participate in a 30-hour famine fundraiser February 22 to 23, which will give them a “real taste of hunger while helping the poor and hungry around the world.” (Although, since there’s a break for sleep, it’s probably more like a 23-hour famine, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

No doubt the worldwide distended belly set will thank these kids for their show of solidarity, going a whole 30 hours without eating anything – consuming only liquids. (It is not made clear in World Vision’s press release if the liquids must be retrieved from dung-filled mud-holes where the wildebeests bathe.)

Be sure to check out the Web site, www.30hourfamine.org, where you can find things like famine T-shirts!

Stay tuned for details on the simultaneous 30-Hour Douche Fundraiser, where starving kids will act like douches for 30 hours (or 23, depending on how much they sleep) in order for them to get just a taste of what being a total douche feels like. – Craig Malisow


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