Federal Judge Jack T. Camp: Drugs & A Stripper Mean Our Sam Kent Has Been Topped

Judge Jack Camp tops Judge Sam Kent

We thought the Houston area could cruise for a while with the title of World's Dumbest, Horniest Federal Judge.

U.S. District Judge Sam Kent of Galveston made heroic efforts to set the bar high, what with all his after-lunch drunken groping of female staffers.

Listen up, Kent, from your federal prison cell -- you have been pwned.

The honorable Jack T. Camp of Atlanta has outdone you with the artful combination of guns, drugs and a stripper.

Camp reportedly purchased weed, coke and painkillers from a stripper who, just to keep things from getting dull, he also paid for sex, the criminal complaint alleges.

Camp, a married man, began his love affair with a lap dance at the Goldrush Showbar in Atlanta, the complaint states. In so many words.

Kent: Drinking on the job, clumsy, ill-fated passes at secretaries. Boob-grabbing.
Camp: Strip clubs, paying for sex, weed, coke, painkillers, lap dances.

Scoreboard: Camp.

You lose again, Kent.

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