Female Intuition
Al Cameron

Female Intuition

In case the idea of dating advice from dudes pushes your Skeptic Meter into the red, there are alternatives. The Wing Chicks (www.thewingchicks.com) are standing by to whip your bad haircut and wussy wardrobe into shape, and point out the women you really have a chance with.

Michelle Bresser, a professional organizer and former defense attorney, started The Wing Chicks six months ago with the idea that "Women know what women want. Women always want what other women have."

For $50 an hour, with a two-hour minimum, a Wing Chick will meet a client (always in a public place; sorry, serial killers) to find out what he's looking for and to develop a game plan. From there, they'll head to an environment where the client is most comfortable (bar, museum, art opening), and she'll slap some virtual sense into the guy.

"Women are better at picking up clues from other women, so a lot of times maybe the guy isn't recognizing they have a chance with another woman," Bresser says. "As a woman, we read those clues, we see the body language better, and we're able to identify better... opportunities than a lot of men can identify themselves."

The Wing Chick (they range in age from 20 to 40) will suggest how the client should approach a woman, or will even do it herself. Once the three of them are sitting together, the Wing Chick will extract herself with a bogus line about having to meet her boyfriend or pick up her dry cleaning. Voil!

The Wing Chicks cater to professionals who are more interested in finding a relationship than a fling. A Wing Chick will never tell a client to "neg" a woman, or act like an asshole. Bresser says those kinds of fast-seduction techniques might evoke short-term success with a certain type of woman, but it's not built to last.

"To me, that's like a male urban legend," Bresser says. "When I was single, [I thought] 'Too many men, too little time.' 'You don't buy a drink, you don't treat me nicely, you pretend like you don't notice that I'm wearing really nice shoes or a pretty necklace'...I don't have time for stuff like that."

But fast-seduction and The Wing Chicks share some basic concepts, such as learning how to carry yourself with confidence and never telling yourself, "I'm not good enough for her."

Where they differ is in opening a guy's mind to find the less obvious -- but equally attractive -- woman he might not otherwise notice.

In a bar, "Immediately, the Wing Chick should say...'You tell me which women here you find attractive,' " Bresser says. "Typically, the guy would say, 'Look at that girl...the little Playmate by the bar...' And it's not that he doesn't find the other girl attractive, it's just that he's looking at the most obvious thing."

Bresser says her company has received so much attention here that she's branching out into Dallas and New Orleans. But don't assume this popularity is due to any under-the-table services.

"We're not in the business of having pretty girls that don't have anything to offer," Bresser says with a laugh. "I'm sure there's places that offer that, and that's not us. I'm pretty sure they have a whole different name for that, and I'm pretty sure they're more expensive."


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