Fix the Justice System

An Accusation Recanted


Online readers comment on "Life Without Parole," by Mandy Oaklander, April 13:

Good article: Wasn't it CNN's Nancy Grace who first reported on the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax and said that women don't lie about rape?

Just how many thousands of innocent young men just like John Kinsel are locked up all across America? And all waiting for the Innocence Project or someone to get them a new trial.

Perhaps it will be the John Kinsel case that opens the gates so all the falsely accused guys can go home. And that must be what the judges are worried about. As they should.

Gary Packwood

Fix the justice system: This is one of the most compelling stories I have ever read. John Kinsel is my cousin. John never committed this crime, period, and to continue to hold him in prison for something he has not done shows their ignorance. They know he is not guilty, yet their pride may be hurt by letting an innocent man go. After all, they are known for their conviction rates! This is how the judges are put into office. But they're not doing their jobs.

John Manual Kinsel is the victim here, not to mention his family. We know him, and anyone that has ever known him knows that he would never do this. Our justice system is in desperate need of repair. John's supposed victim freely states she lied, John has always upheld his innocence and even the judge has iffy opinions on this situation. Yet he is still held prisoner.

Katie Ellis

Alyssa's business: I've known Alyssa since she was about 13 years old, and the way that you are trying to make her look is not the Alyssa I know. I know she's no angel, but considering the things she had to go through, y'all are pissing me off putting her business out there.


Revenge: I hope Alyssa burns in Hell for sending an innocent man to prison. She is obviously a liar.


Enough: We do not want anymore hurt. Stop hurting others. This story was just brought out to help a man that did not do this crime. No more hurt — we have all hurt enough. We do not wish any harm to come to Alyssa. She has hurt through all this mess. She, as well as John, just wants to get past this, so we can all heal.

Mary Kinsel

Another story: My family is going through a similar ordeal. I am terrified for this outcome. The child in question has consistently changed their story, and there is zero physical evidence. I am scared that the accused isn't strong enough to make it. He had never been to jail or had trouble before these accusations were made. I believed the child at first — why would she lie? But as her story changed and changed again, it became very difficult to believe her. If the accused goes to jail, I fear he will die rather quickly. He isn't a seasoned criminal, he is a hard-working father. I pray for this family and for his release and I pray for my family, that the truth prevails and that justice is not blind.

Truth Seeker

Checking the Registry

Online readers comment on "The Sex Offenders in Five Ritzy Houston ZIP Codes," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, April 13:

From the gutter: "Journalists" love doing articles on sex offenders. Sex sells newspapers. Sex offenders' stories are proven ways to get TV ratings. It does not matter if it ruins the lives of people who have already been released back into society after fulfilling their jail terms.

There are all kinds of levels of "sex offenders," yet the criminal justice system tags all of them for life with that label. It makes no difference if a teenage boy slept with a girl who was technically a minor, i.e., one year apart, or whether the person was a serial rapist. The same label applies for a lifetime.

If "society" really feels that none of these individuals, regardless of the level of the offense, should be let back into the general population, then let's start funding dozens of new prisons to hold the tens of thousands of them in there forever. Or would it be better to just line all of them up against a wall and shoot them?

"Journalists" and TV "reporters" (Dolcefino comes to mind) never talk about that aspect. If they are going to be released into society, then they have to live somewhere. This piece of crap exposing all these old men to ridicule is just that. And something that we have sadly come to expect from rags like the Houston Press, the Houston Chronicle and Channel 13. Gutter journalism.


The right to know: Notifying people about where sex offenders live is in no way comparable to shooting them firing squad- style. Exaggerations like that really have no place here. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to go through life without sexually molesting anyone.

Sure, there are cases in which a young boy had sex with a young girl and the boy is the one that pays the consequences. But the old man that was indecent with a one-year-old? He is a sick, twisted pervert.

Either way, people deserve to know who lives around them.



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