Fly, Little Turtle! Fly to Freedom! (Or at Least Dive)

Another rehabbed turtle gets set free.
Another rehabbed turtle gets set free.
Bryan Frazier

Look at that green sea turtle -- dude is flapping his flippers with joy as he's released out of rehab and sent back to his (or her) warm, inviting Gulf of Mexico home.

The turtle was one of three released today in South Padre by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

It was the big finale to the "Jeff 'Yappo' Boruff YappoPalooza," a fundraising effort honoring the late son of TPWD senior staff member Scott Boruff that benefited sea turtle conservation.

"In addition to helping support the bi-national conservation effort to protect sea turtles, I'm just honored that this extraordinary group of people has helped me create a legacy for my son, and it's a legacy Jeff would have been proud of," said Boruff.

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