Fog Everywhere But Downtown

Fog Everywhere But Downtown

Here's your weird weather phenomenon of the day: Driving in from the southwest side, you are blanketed, absolutely blanketed, by dense fog.

The kind where you can't see people 15 feet away, in spots. And on the Southwest Freeway it's little better. Even as you come in down Travis, the downtown towers are utterly invisible even two blocks from the Pierce Elevated.

And then you cross under the Pierce Elevated, formally entering downtown, and...not a lick of fog. The sun is absolutely shining, not a cloud in the sky. Like there never was any fog to begin with.

Somehow you realize that just a few blocks back it's milky white, but here in downtown it's visibility unlimited.

It's got to be a sign of some sort, right? At any rate, the fog will dissipate everywhere pretty soon, according to forecasts.


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