Fool's Paradigm

From the Friday, May 29, letters to the editor section of the Austin American-Statesman:

Clarifying Some Errors
I always enjoy the American-Statesman and admire the good work your whole team does every day. However, in an otherwise excellent article [May 22] on my speech at the University of Texas Quality Center, a couple of errors slipped in and may warrant clarification.

I am quoted as saying, "You will notice that General Gorbachev is no longer referred to as a leader. He's referred to as a consultant.... That dull language may seem safe, but it is full of paradigm."

What I actually said was, "You will notice that Mr. Gorbachev is no longer generally referred to as a leader. He is generally referred to as a consultant. Flat, dull language may seem safe, but it is full of peril."

I wouldn't even mention this, but for two things. First, all the other news anchors will tease me mercilessly if they hear I'm going around calling Mikhail Gorbachev a general, which of course he never was; and second, although the expression "full of paradigm" has undeniable charm, I can't take credit for it.

I am full of plenty of things, but my paradigm's lost.

Dan Rather
CBS News
New York

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