For April 15: The Bloodthirstiest Donald Duck Video Ever Urges You To Pay Your Taxes

Last year on April 15, we offered you the

five best tax-related movies

. This year we need only offer one.

A violence-filled, stereotype-strewn wonder from Donald Duck, urging all Americans to "Pay your taxes to bury the Axis."

Politicians today would give their left arm to be able to use one of the lines here: "Thanks to Hitler and Hirohito, taxes are higher than ever!" ("Hey, don't blame me!!")

There's a stingy Scotsman and a spendthrift zoot-suited party boy who tires to lure Donald into a bar whose swinging doors turn into a swastika.

And then, just for grins, there's lots of shots of your tax dollars killing and maiming those unfortunate enough to take on America's tax-derived might.

What better way to kick off April 15?


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