Changes coming to your TV set
Changes coming to your TV set

Fox & Dish Network Settle; Rockets & Astros To Form Their Own Network

Changes coming to your TV set

Two breaking items late on this Friday:

Fox and the Dish Network

have settled the fight that has seen Dish subscribers missing out on the Rockets (not a big loss, as it turns out) and possibly the NFL.

The two entertainment giants somehow came to an understanding on how to split the money they make off consumers. Peace reigns.

Fox still has not settled with Comcast, though.

Also, the Houston Chronicle's David Barron reports that the Astros and the Rockets will be teaming up with Comcast to form a new semi-network, ending their relationship with Fox Southwest.

"Neither Comcast nor officials with the teams had immediate comment on the deal," Barron wrote. "However, the teams on Friday afternoon informed Fox Sports Net of their plans to terminate their deals with the 2011-12 NBA season and 2012 Major League Baseball season."

Many big-market teams, like the Yankees and Phillies, are going this route. FSH will still have its stable of other sports, like Big 12 football and UH games.

"We did everything possible to keep the Astros and Rockets, but they have decided to go in a different direction," FSH said in a prepared statement. "Despite today's development, viewers should know Fox Sports Houston still holds both teams' local TV rights for two additional seasons."


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