Fred Durst's recycle face
Fred Durst's recycle face

Fred Durst & Austin's Solid Waste: A Match Made in Heaven

Austin is looking to rename its Solid Waste Department, because come on -- that's a name far too untrendy and icky for a forward-thinking burg like Austin.

The city has opened up the name change to a vote, and residents have come through as only they can in that city. The leading nominee, by far, as the new name for the department: The Fred Durst Society of the Humanities & Arts.

As we write this, the FDSHA has received almost 6,400 votes, far outpacing the second-place candidate, the equally Austinesque Department of Neat and Clean.

Durst, the Limp Bizkit front man and sex-tape star, is down with it, according to his twitter account: "You got my vote!! Two thumbs up!" he wrote.

The city's twitter responded:

Fred Durst - thanks for promoting recycling in your own way. VOTE on new name for City's Solid Waste Services

Voting ends on February 10, so there's still a chance Durst could be overtaken by "Austin Dept. of Are You Gonna Eat That?" which has 19 votes.

We've got a call in to the mayor's office to see how binding the vote results are; we'll update when/if we hear.


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