Take it all -- while you can get it.
Take it all -- while you can get it.

Free Wi-Fi at Houston's Airports But Grab It Quick, Ends Soon

Both George Bush Intercontinental and William P. Hobby airports will have free wi-fi thanks to Google Play (yay!), but only through the end of September (boo).

As we reported in July, Houston airports don't have the extended free wi-fi amenities that many others in the country do. As part of a multimillion deal brokered in 2007, George Bush Intercontinental sticks to a 45-minute limit.

As our writer Mitchell Slapik wrote: "Once your time runs out, they don't have hourly rates, so you have to pay $7.95 for a full day or $9.95 for a month to stay online. Fortunately, you can use some of that extra time at any of Boingo's 500,000 hotspots around the world."

Well, as part of a promotion generous offer by Google Play, free Boingo wi-fi will be available "at more than 4,000 hotspots nationwide. Sponsored wi-fi locations include 15 airports as well as Boingo-enabled Manhattan subway stations, and thousands of hotels, shopping malls and cafes," Boingo says.

As the company release said:

The Wi-Fi hotspots are part of Boingo's Cloud Nine Media platform, a global advertising network that enables brand advertisers to reach a captive audience through Wi-Fi sponsorships.

Starting this week, Wi-Fi users with Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows and Macintosh laptops, will be offered complimentary Wi-Fi at thousands of high-traffic locations in dozens of cities nationwide, courtesy of cloud-based digital entertainment destination, Google Play.

So if you're traveling by air in the next few days, read a book online or watch a movie and while you're at it, make it a long one. Go ahead and load up your Lord of the Rings collection. It's on Google.


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