Gay Houstonians: Go Apply For The Armed Forces, You Can't Be Rejected

Don't ask, don't tell -- but let us know what happens
The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder is reporting

that the Pentagon's legal office has given guidance to recruiters saying that, thanks to a federal judge staying "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," gay applicants cannot be rejected.

"As of today, one can walk into a military recruitment office with one's same-sex partner, fill out forms, and get the process started," he says.

Please, someone in Houston do this. And report the results to us.

Note: You may not want to do it if you are actually thinking of joining the armed forces. If the DADT ruling is overturned or otherwise vacated, you'd be in the service and out of luck.

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Likewise, any current gay or lesbian servicemembers shouldn't be coming out of the closet without knowing they're taking some risk.

But we'd like to see a Houston recruiter presented with an openly gay candidate, just to see what happens.

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