Gay Panic in Fort Worth, Best Burgers and Taylor Hicks Defenders

Trouble in Fort Worth

WWJD? I am so sorry this happened to you guys in Fort Worth [Gay Panic in Cowtown," by Thomas Korosec, August 18]. I would like to hear more, especially about the independent investigation results. Also, why didn't the large networks cover this? This type of behavior is reprehensible, especially being tolerated by an elected official. For those in Fort Worth who support these actions by the police, I can only pray for you to start living like Christians and start by saying, what would Jesus do?

Comment by Capistranoboy from Houston


Gay Panic in Cowtown

Audit the cops: I have never understood how conservatives can grouse about how badly the government screws everything up, yet give law enforcement a pass. Why would these government agencies be any different? Why would they be immune to wasting resources or abusing their authority? Time after time, we see stories of entire investigations that are screwed up and some innocent schmuck sent away for a crime he didn't commit. Cops, DAs, CSUs and lab techs are all to blame. But beyond the HPD Crime Lab, when was the last time we had an audit of the entire police force? When has anyone ever examined exactly how much policing we are actually getting for our tax dollar?

More important, why would we want to create this class of supra-citizen who can do as he pleases and get away with it by simply flashing a badge? For the sake of "law and order," we are going to relinquish our civil rights? (Yes, even the right to smart off to a cop.)

Comment by EC_Esq from Houston

Best Burgers

Online readers respond to King Bubba," by Robb Walsh, August 20:

Village idiot: The bacon cheeseburger at this Cypress roadhouse Rockwell Tavern blows all of Texas Monthly's favorite Houston burgers out of the water. Who the hell wants to eat a burger in a European village? When you are in a European village, eat whatever the local food is, don't eat a burger. The people at Texas Monthly probably eat their burgers with a knife and fork.

Thanks for another great story, Mr. Walsh. You know a burger is good when it makes tiny little ladies and big burly men weak in the knees.

Comment by Nate the Snake from Pearland

Burger time: It's hard to describe how there I am right this very moment. Okay, maybe this weekend, but then it's on!

Comment by Cramer from houston

Name change: They shouldn't even call it Texas Monthly anymore. It should be titled The Toniest Parts of Dallas and Austin Monthly. Wine bar burger, my ass.

Comment by WMSmith from Houston

Texas Monthly? I thought they stopped publishing awhile back, at least in regards to Houston restaurants. Sounds like they have the same "adventurous standards" as My Table here in Houston. Very sorry they coast off Houston Press and Alison Cook to get their "groove on." Thelma's is one example, as is a way belated, after-the-fact Lankford's. Will they ever have any breaking news about any restaurants? Seems like they both share the same whispery, copycat, scared-to-venture-out suburban mentality. Oh, until someone else discovers it. Then it's, hey, very cool, let us tell you about this "off the beaten path" restaurant. "Charming" is a word they like to use because they can't speak street and get the real story about what's real and what's BS. Sad that people buy that gloss-over.

Comment by Einladung from Houston

Idol Time

Online readers comment on,"It's Not Too Late for a Hurricane to Interrupt Talentless Taylor Hicks's Turn in Grease. Please?" by Craig Hlavaty, Rocks Off blog, August 21:

Best review ever: You're going to get a swarm of cranky grannies now.


Silent song: There is a quote that I love which says, "Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." You, sir, cannot hear the music.


What a nasty, nasty, nasty article: Was this meant to be a joke? It's certainly not funny. What a vicious, stupid article. I don't think this was meant to just create controversy — I think you really dislike him. How dare you write this sort of poison-type article about my favorite idol? How dare you slur this handsome and talented man? He won Idol because he received the most votes, whether you like it or not. Why are you bringing up ancient history, anyway? And, again, whether you like it or not, he is the main draw for Grease.

After reading this, I wouldn't be surprised if you aren't one of those jerks coming on other Web sites slurring and slamming him. No, I'm not a member of the Soul Patrol, just a devoted fan who wants bullies, such as yourself, to stop your nastiness. If you can't be neutral about him, don't write anything at all.


Rave reviews: Uh, you want to invoke the gods to hit Houston with another hurricane so you can avoid Taylor Hicks. I've got an idea: Stay home.

Taylor puts on fantastic, energetic live shows, and he has gotten rave reviews for his performance in Grease. The reason he's in the traveling show is that Broadway World reported he made an extra $150,000 a week for the show when he was on Broadway last summer.


Creepy Craig: This insane bunch of garbage isn't worth a hit. The person that wrote this will never put on a show with the same musicians that played with Eric Clapton, will never bring an extra $150,000 a week to a play of any kind, will never be anything but a sniveling little creep writing tiny little unimportant crap read by pretty much nobody, except when he mentions a name that's in someone's Google alert. He is not worth the crap on the bottom of anyone's shoe, just the same as the idiots at, who spend their lives obsessing over and writing about fans. Now that's a real life for you. Maybe this so-called writer should try actually seeing Hicks in Grease or go to his show at the Warehouse before he shoots off his mouth. Now, thanks for the publicity for his show. Bite me.


Taylor Hicks has expensive boots: Good to know the Houston Press is free. Maybe Taylor can pick up a stack when he is there and use them to wipe the Houston cow crap and oil sludge off his $1,000 boots. Or maybe he would prefer to throw them away and buy another pair of $1,000 boots. He's earning more than that per song now, so evidently someone thinks he's talented. Enjoy your 15 minutes of blog fame courtesy of Taylor Hicks.


Hell no: Poor and talentless Craig H(el)lavaty wants hits on his blog. Taylor Hicks is a wonderful musician and he is great in Grease. So, people hurry and go see Grease while you can.

Teen Angel


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