Geneva Espinoza: Coke in Her Panties, 3-Year-Old Running Free in the Back Seat, X, Xanax -- Mom of the Year

Geneva Espinoza: Littering will get you every time.
Geneva Espinoza: Littering will get you every time.

Remember, kids, don't litter on the highway.

Especially if you're carrying a veritable evidence room's worth of illicit drugs, including the ol' coke-in-the-panties trick.

Geneva Espinoza, 24, found this out when a Webster cop saw her tailgating and tossing trash out her car window.

When he pulled her over, according to the Houston Chronicle, "he detected the odor of marijuana and saw Espinoza's child walking around in the back seat."

Then the fun began.

A search of the car yielded the following: 13 bags of coke, including one in her panties and some within reach of the kid; 28 Ecstasy pills; and 48 Xanax.

In an attempt to win the Understatement of the Year award, a cop told the Chron, "She had a lot more drugs on her person than we could normally call personal consumption."

Harris County court records show Espinoza has also been charged at times with meth possession and theft.

The child was turned over to a relative.

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