George W. Bush: Soapy, Hot Nude Shower Pics RIGHT HERE!!

Let's face it -- throughout the long presidency of George W. Bush, with all the fake wars, the lack of effort to get Bin Laden, the Gilded Age treatment of the richest one percent and Wall Street, you struggled with one thing: Where were the nude shots?

Unfortunately, no paparazzi has been able to get past Secret Service protection to snap Bushie in the nude, but fear not: The ex-president has provided the shots himself.

No, they're not nude selfies in the bathroom mirror. In fact, they're not even pictures. Instead they are the result of Bush's new fascination with painting, and what better subject, he apparently thinks, than himself nude in the shower? (By the way, he mailed these shower shots to his sister. Oooookaaaaay.)

Someone named "Guccifer" hacked his way into the e-mail account of sister Dorothy Bush, the Smoking Gun reports, and the result was lots of e-mails and photos.

Including the shower shots.

George W. Bush: Soapy, Hot Nude Shower Pics RIGHT HERE!!

Who doesn't paint himself in the shower? If we'd read Fifty Shades of Grey we'd have an appropriate excerpt to post.

Rubber duck not included.

Look for these at the Kennebunkport Starving Artists Sale!!!

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