German Ramos faces drug charges
German Ramos faces drug charges
Photo by HPD

German Ramos & Kendrick Ferguson: Two HPD Cops Accused of Stealing Drugs in Sting Operation

The best-laid plans went awry early Wednesday when two uniformed HPD cops got themselves arrested instead of getting themselves rich via a drug deal, police say.

The two cops -- German Ramos, 36, and Kendrick Ferguson, 33 -- intended to pull over a drug dealer, take his stash and then split the proceeds with him, prosecutors said in court today.

They didn't realize the "dealer" was in on the plan all along and was part of an HPD sting operation to get the two officers, who'd been with the force since January 2009. Both served in the Northwest Patrol Division.

The two, along with Alexi Matos, 38, have been charged with trying to steal at least a pound of coke and other drugs.

If convicted, each of the three defendants faces 15 to 99 years in prison and a mandatory fine of up to $250,000.

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