God, SUVs and Victoria Osteen

Rim shot: Thanks for "The Passion of the Victoria" [by Rich Connelly, August 28], a lip-smacking, delicious satire long overdue for the eyes of those thousands feeding at the trough of lifestyle slop poured out by the Royal Couple of God's Sports Arena on the Freeway.

It was an accurate review, and Connelly made it fair for both sides by flipping a coin — it ended up standing on its rim.

 Fred DuBose


Victoria Osteen

Online readers weigh in:

Good God: The article was humorous at best, trying to tell the story of what happened in court and afterward. But the comparison between Catholic and Spirit-filled believers should not have been made in this story. This is a totally separate issue, and as such did not belong in the story. God is a good God that only wants the best for His children, which does include prosperity, along with peace and (spiritual) power. The Bible does not mention specifically a call for vows of poverty by His chosen (anointed, appointed, Pastors), yet it does specifically address that the poor will be with us always, words spoken by Jesus in Matthew 26:11: "The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me."

Comment by Susan Comeaux from

Play it straight: As far as news goes, this article is awful. I started reading it to find out what happened, not find out what would have been funny had it happened.

Comment by Lisa from Houston

Stick to the trial: This article was poorly written and should have only concerned what actually happened during the trial, not the attempted jokes by the writer. It is obvious the trial itself was a joke.

Comment by melissa from Houstoned

Absolutely, good article: I can't recall the last time I read an article in the newspaper and laughed so hard. The beauty of freedom of expression!

Comment by MCA from Houston pm

Great job: Where do I sign up to be a "messenger for God," take folks' hard-earned money, fly first-class to Colorado and drive a luxury SUV? I must have gotten into the wrong career field.

Comment by daniel from houston

Thank you: This article is freakin' ­hilarious!

Comment by Mary

Free Press: No wonder you can't charge to sell your papers.

Comment by whimsicalrandomness
from houston

OMG: This was absolutely hilarious! What a scathing article on this attorney's performance. How will this guy ever show his face in a courthouse again? And deservedly so. What an idiot. So Victoria Osteen is a bitch and a hypocrite, big deal. That's not the basis of a cause of action, and it surely doesn't mean your client gets millions of dollars! This guy has just made it harder for every citizen to have his day in court.

Comment by Eddie C. from Houston

Scribbles: This is by far the most self-serving piece of garbage I've seen on this site. I can't believe I allowed myself to suffer through reading it! It's nearly impossible to sort out what actually happened from the author's stupid, satirical jokes. This isn't a news story, it's scribbles on a truck-stop bathroom wall. Do this town a favor and hire someone who knows how to report/discuss the news, please.

Comment by Darla Sue Dollman from

Bible school: Well, just a note to you, Mr. Connelly, since you are obviously not in the know of what the Bible says. It says that "the wealth of the sinners is laid up for the righteous." In my book, that quite clearly states that God does not want or expect His children to live in poverty.

Comment by Cerelle from Houston

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