Golden Globes, Whoppers, Dr. Phil, Michael Cera and Hannah Montana

Readers of columns by Jennifer Mathieu, a.k.a. Miss Pop Rocks, have had plenty to say lately on our Houstoned blog. Here's a sampling of their comments.

Strike That

Hold up, MPR: While I sympathize with the writers, I'm glad the Golden Globes did not go on ["I Miss the Awards Shows," January 14]. No actor would cross those picket lines. NBC knew that with no stars, there would be no viewers. No viewers, no money. For once, those self-absorbed, talentless, overpriced celebrities got it right and actually stood up for a cause that didn't involve "Save the Whales" "Save Britney" or "Save the Cowboys."


Golden Globes

Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed Rock of Love 2. Bring on those skanks!


King of Comedy

Burger business: For you to assume that the only thing people think about is the departure of a "patty" and nothing else is a bit premature, don't you think? ["America Wants Its God Dang Whoppers," January 11]. I mean, people do have the ability to have opinions and emotions on several different topics. Imagine that. The reason people are getting so upset in the video is because they are being accused of switching out their Whopper for another fast-food chain hamburger.

Also, on your bet that 75 percent of the people who "freaked out" couldn't pick out America on a map — I'll take that bet. That's silly for you to say something like that. It really is. Grow up.


Wow, Jennifer: You're pissing a lot of people off lately! What's up with that? Anyway, drive on with your bad self — your blogs are always great for a laugh, and isn't that the point?


Phil It Up

Let the show go on: Wrong as it would have been, I kind of wish he had forged ahead with the Britney show ["Dr. Phil Is an Asshole," January 9]. It would have been über-schadenfreude to hear a somewhat professional, firsthand diagnosis of just WTF is going on in Britney's brain.

Call me callous, but for ten years now people who work for $5.15 an hour have had to stomach the fact that a girl who can't lip-synch accurately rakes in millions of dollars. The world is an unjust place. Let those minimum-wage watchers of Dr. Phil (and the rest of us, too) have their moment of self-congratulation: We may not be rich and famous, but at least we are not certifiably insane. And tell Britney, as she returns to her ­multimillion-dollar home and sees herself on the Dr. Phil show, that life is tough.


Agreed: Yeah, Dr. Phil is an ass for trying to get money out of Spears's breakdown. Has he ever heard of doctor-patient confidentiality? Even if the parents contacted him, it is not for him to schedule a show. I don't even know why people listen to this asshole.


Wow! How cynical are you? It is just possible he did it pro bono; more important, he is trying to help. Spears needs some professional help. Where is she going to get it?


Phony call: Couldn't have said it better myself! I saw this as a way for him to get his name out there at the one time of year that weight-loss product purchases go through the roof. He's a bigger phony than Miss Cleo, and someone should consider stripping him of whatever credentials he might have.


Phil phan: Almost always in this world, you will find that street-level intelligence will try to bring down anyone and anything they do not understand. This is so because what they're trying to "bring down" is above them. It is as simple as that. Dr. Phil is one of the most sincere, competent and caring persons of exhibited authority I have ever had the privilege of listening to on the tube. He is one of a kind, and we should be thankful for his help to so many who have turned to him for help and found "a way."


Go Cougs!

Pot shot: MPR, check your archives ["Cougar on the Prowl for Michael Cera," January 4]. I seem to remember some tirade about Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong.

Pot, meet kettle.

Vernon Guy

An MPR scholar: So, Miss Pop Rocks hates Baby Boomers, but she loves Boomers' Babies.

Lowell Brown

Hannah Barbarity

Back off, Billy Ray: I agree that what this little girl's mother did is absolutely out of line ["My Daddy Died...Now Give Me Hannah Montana Tickets, Damn It!" January 3]. I feel bad for the six-year-old girl. I will say that taking a shot at Billy Ray Cyrus, who's a great man, was ­unnecessary.


Stop the Presses!

In our January 17 homage to attorney Rusty Hardin (Hair Balls: "Feeling a Bit Rusty" by Richard Connelly), we confused matters a bit. Hardin is not representing U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent, the accused sexual harasser. He's representing the woman Kent is accused of sexually harassing. The Houston Press apologizes to Hardin, Kent and the woman. And to Roger Clemens, just to be safe.


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