They're working on it
They're working on it

Good News: 59/Loop Exit Will Finally Open. Bad News: Not Until Monday

They're working on it

It's been a long week for those who use or drive by the northbound Eastex Freeway to the North Loop westbound.

A spectacular 18-wheeler crash has left the busy 59/610 connection closed, with all the attendant hassle that involves.

Work has progressed enough that the ramp can now be opened! Unfortunately, not until Monday.

So all you Kingwood people coming down to the big city still have some annoyance to deal with.

"By 5:00 a.m., Monday, construction crews will have completed the critical repairs and allowed for the concrete curing times needed to re-open the ramp," Karen Othon of TxDOT says. "Repairs entailed grinding and removing the damaged overlay pavement, pouring the new concrete pavement, patching the damaged bridge rail, and striping. Repairs are estimated to cost $200,000."

It's not over yet, though -- at various times, work on the final touches will require the ramp to go down to one lane.


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