Goodbye, Sochi: Top 10 Memories of the 2014 Winter Olympics

The Pussy Riot beatdown at Sochi.
The Pussy Riot beatdown at Sochi.

I am not a big Olympics guy, it's just never been my thing.

There, I said it. I've actually said it many times. I don't hate the Olympics, I'm just not all that interested.

But my disinterest does start to border on disdain when some of you track and field or figure skating people start to act like I'm a terrorist mole at CTU during a season of 24 because I'm not in front of my television draped in the American flag every night cheering for our American athletes.

Now that we're clear where me and the Olympics stand with each other, allow me to proclaim the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi my favorite Olympics of all time!

It's not even close. And it has virtually nothing to do with medal counts, judges scores, or feats of athleticism.

Let's take a look back at my ten favorite things of the Sochi Olympics:

10. Bob Costas' melting eyeballs If ever there was an event whose opening salvo should be the primary studio host announcing to the world that he has a mysterious, goopy eye infection, it would be the Sochi Olympics, and that's precisely what happened. On opening night, Bob Costas announced to the world that he had some sort of infection in his left eye, and that's why he had the "Mr. Peabody glasses look." (Very contemporary reference for those over the age of 50, by the way.) By about the third day (which is when Costas had promised the infection would be gone), it had actually spread to his other eye to the point where Costas' eyes needed their own tracker on the ESPN sports ticker. Finally, Costas' streak of 157 consecutive days as the face of NBC's Olympic studio coverage came to a crashing halt after this WTF "acceptance of fate" moment chugging vodka with Mary Carillo

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