Great moments courtesy of Ted Poe

1997 - Drunk driver who killed two must attend autopsy of a drunk driver's victim, parade with a sign in front of a bar and put flowers on his victims' graves on their birthdays

1996 - Wife-beater has to apologize on City Hall steps

1994 - Drunk driver who killed family must hang their picture in his jail cell

1994 - Piano teacher who molested students must sell piano and post sign on front door barring children from his house

1993 - First-time offenders forced to sit in court watching proceedings for two months

1992 - Teen who stole Nintendo game must be a Salvation Army yuletide bell-ringer

1991 - Poe and 40 probationers show up on TV cleaning and painting an elderly woman's home

1988 - The man who stole pistols from the guy who played Lone Ranger must spend 600 hours cleaning up the HPD stables

1985 - Ten probationers mow and weed the historic Founders Cemetery on

Texas Independence Day

1984 - About 40 probationers sent to renovate the Battleship Texas

1982 - Michigan man ordered to leave Texas and return to his home state


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