Great -- Pro-Rapists Are Commenting Away

Yeah, yeah -- the internet is a wild-west world where there are no rules, where anonymity lets pseudo-tough guys act like macho jocks.

Still, sometimes you want to make it clear that some commenters are idiots.

Yesterday we wrote about Jamie Leigh Jones, a former KBR employee who claims she was raped by employees of KBR in Iraq.

Jones sued KBR and testified before Congress; now she's sued the United States government.

Some of the comments in reaction to the story:

"Fuck that. She didn't get raped, she was a Haliburton whore. She gangbanged a few guys, blacked out from too much alcohol, and woke up the next morning sore as fuck. Stupid lying bitch."

"Yawn, another bottom feeder looking for a quick and easy buck!"

"she knows she liked it"

"Tellin ya...she liked it. Breast implants tell all. What good natured, innocent woman gets breast implants. She wanted it..bad"


The only good thing is that the item got picked up by Digg, so this crap is coming from anonymous idiots nationwide, and not necessarily Houston.

We haven't checked the 160 or so comments on Digg; we can't imagine they're somehow asshole-free.

-- Richard Connelly


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