The Uneasiness of Being Green
The Uneasiness of Being Green

"Green Houston" Hype Continues With "Green Gym"

We're not sure how much we're buying into all this Green Houston hype. We get that the juxtaposition of "oil capital" and "newfangled electric cars" can be irresistible to journalists, but it's not like we're getting rid of Pasadena or anything along the Ship Channel, right?

So plug in all the electric cars you want. Houston is still going to be Houston, and while it may mean "greener," it doesn't mean "green." And, frankly, the bar isn't high to earning the "-er" ending.

But green is in, and now, we're told, Houston is getting its first "green gym." In Highland Village, bien sur.

Quality Life Fitness "will provide an upscale fitness center with a focus on green living," the official notice reads.

What does that entail, besides making Botoxed River Oaks socialites and wanna-bes feel better about their carbon footprint?

"Energy efficient lighting and equipment -- all powered 100 percent by wind energy harvested in Texas," the company says. "Recycled materials will be used in the construction of the facility, with all natural bamboo flooring covering the fitness studio."

None of that fake bamboo here!!

The announcement included a photo of co-owner Brian Nash, which we gladly reprint here:

"Green Houston" Hype Continues With "Green Gym"

We fully expect our future CEO photos to include this pose.


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