Greenhouse Gas Rules: Guess The Only State Not To Bother?

Just imagine it's a smokestack instead of a cannon

New rules designed to limit harmdul greenhouse gas emissions go into effect January 2, and 49 states have taken steps to meet them.

Guess which one hasn't. Mississippi? They're usually last in everything, right? WRONG.

You probably realize just from us asking the question that the answer is Rick Perry's Texas.

The National Association of Clean Air Act Agencies is the liaison between the Environmental Protection Agency and the states on this issue, and the AP is reporting that they've said the score when it comes to doing something is Texas 1, Rest of the U.S. 49.

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We're sure it's because fighting greenhouse gas emissions is a job-killing monster of Washington interference that's based on what this one industry group and Rush Limbaugh says is bad science.

We're sure Rick Perry will pay some sort of political penalty for being even more backward than Mississippi's Haley Barbour or Arizona's Jan Brewer or whoever the governor of Idaho is.

We're not sure when that will be -- maybe 2012 -- but it probably won't be anytime soon.

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