Guess Where This Is (Was) In Houston

Guess Where This Is (Was) In Houston

We downloaded this picture a while back, and now, sadly, we can't figure out where we saw it first. We thought it was from the highly entertaining website/e-book Houston Freeways, which we encourage everyone to explore, but a quick scan doesn't seem to show it there.

(If we're wrong, or you recognize where it's from, let us know and we'll credit.) (Update: It is indeed from Houston Freeways.)

Anyway, if our hunch is right, the picture shows a very familiar stretch of road for most Houstonians, even if it's hardly recognizable.

Any guesses as to where it is?

Our best guess is after the jump. Near as we can figure, that's Sharpstown, looking from the east. The curvy road bisecting the picture up-and-down is Bellaire Boulevard, and that's 59 diagonally cutting through, ending at Gessner at the upper left of the picture. Downtown is where the road is headed in the lower-right.

Correct? We're willing to be edified further.


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