Gun Charges Dropped Against Two Rice Football Players

Rice football becomes a little less gangsta
Rice football becomes a little less gangsta

In April we noted a surprising run of guns-and-ganja arrests among Rice football players, not a population normally given to resembling the University of Texas, either on or off the field.

So, in order to dispel the impression that the campus on South Main has become a freefire, drugged-up den of iniquity, we note that the two gun cases have been dropped and the players given clean records.

The Houston Chronicle reports that a Harris County grand jury declined to indict two players who had been found to have shotguns in their campus rooms. (We didn't name the players in our original piece, so we won't here, as a little step towards future google searches by potential employers.)

The grand jury no-billed the pair on felony weapons charges that had been filed against them, possibly because this is Texas and it's just a matter of time before every college student is armed on campus.

The two players facing weed charges -- one of whom is also accused of stealing a bike -- have hearings next month, the Chron said.

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