Harris County Criminal Courthouse To Become Like A Sports Bar

The Harris County Criminal Courts are going hi-def, baby.

Tired of putting up with crappy TVs and low-rent VHS machines in this age of CSI, Commissioners Court approved today a proposal to spend $2 million upgrading the video and audio capabilities of the courtrooms.

And they sound like every other sports nut bragging about the suh-weet flatscreen he's getting just in time for the big game.

"A major $2-million project will provide criminal courts in Harris County with wireless Internet access and state-of-the-art, high-definition evidence displays for jurors," DA Kennith Magidson announced. "Outmoded television sets will be replaced with large-screen LCD monitors. More monitors are to be added and positioned for viewing in spectator sections...Upgraded evidence cameras and DVD/VCR players will bring digital sharpness to trial exhibits and computerized trial displays."

And we got cupholders too, man!!! (Not really.)

None of this is being financed by tax revenue -- it comes from the DAs fund of seized assets from criminal activities.

Seeing as how the criminal courthouse was opened only eight years ago, it seems a little soon to be putting in millions in upgrades, but we guess you can't help it when your neighbor gets a 42-inch LCD and you're stuck with some old Sony.

-- Richard Connelly


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