He Walks Among Us

WWJD? I read the story, and I thought this was good coverage on this man/religion ["This Man Thinks He's Jesus H. Christ!" by Keith Plocek, November 30]. I heard about this man before on the Today Show. I don't particularly care for this religion, but to each his own, I guess.

I am curious though; if Jos Luis de Jess Miranda is Christ himself, would he be wearing a Rolex watch? Why not sell the Rolex and give it to the "outreach" program? If I remember correctly, Jesus walked many a mile; why is Christ driving a BMW now? But if I think about it some more, I guess I can answer my own questions and ask myself, what would Jesus do?

Carlos A. Cepeda



Very good article: I do believe that Jos Luis de Jess Miranda is God among us. Once more our loving God has become flesh for us, so that we can see him and hear him, exactly like in the days of Jesus of Nazareth. People believe in Jesus of Nazareth because they were not there, that is very easy to do. Jesus of Nazareth was a human just like Jos Luis de Jess Miranda, and for that reason people back then did not believe in him either. We don't think Jos Luis de Jess Miranda is God in the flesh/carnal body, no; we believe that the Spirit is God, and that Spirit is the word that comes out of his mouth, the powerful word he preaches/teaches. We are able to prove everything he says in the Bible. The people, his believers, are not stupid -- we have brains, and we are thinking humans. As a matter of fact, I believe we are very smart, because we no longer believe in the lies of religion. All that Jos Luis de Jess Miranda does is give us hope and a reason to live a good and abundant life. We are free from bondage, and he has given us our true identity. We know where we came from, what we are doing here and where we are going. No longer afraid of any hell or devil, free from sin and condemnation...Well I can go on and on, but it is too much to express in a comment.

Ana E. Rodriguez

Dangerous: I cannot believe people would fall for this crazy nonsense. I read all the Left Behind series. Those books are meant to be fictional but inspirational. Some of Jos Luis De Jess Miranda's chatter is too similar for comfort. World domination? Murder? What about innocent children being harmed? Stealing? How is all of this okay? Next we will hear suicide is good for you. Go ahead, do it!

I believe that his followers are in a dangerous situation. I pray that we don't end up finding them all in some warehouse "educational" center rotting, cuz he said so. May God bless all of these followers with the truth and keep them safe. And may those who are brainwashed find the truth soon and run away from this guy as fast as they can.

Elaine (last name withheld by request)

Saved forever: First of all, I want to thank you for your professionalism. Most of the time, the editor or writer puts his own beliefs into the story instead of just reporting and allowing the readers to form their own opinions. I am 26 years old, and I guess you could say I grew up in the religious system. Until about ten years ago, I thought the Devil was lurking around looking for me. Then I heard this man and the words that were coming out of his mouth. At first, it was kind of difficult, but because everything he said was coming directly from the Bible, I listened more. His teachings were clear and unbiased. Every "church" you go to has a different translation for every verse, and usually the pastors add to the scripture. Here it was what the scripture said, no adding on. This is what really convinced me that all of De Jess's teachings were real. De Jess never proclaimed himself as anything, the Church proclaimed who he was. It wasn't until after the church named him Jesus Man that he himself proclaimed it. I now do not fear anything. I know that I have angels who provide me service. I know that I am saved forever, and that I am blessed.

Say I committed a crime. I still would always be my parents' son, and they would always love me. Now, imagine God's love toward you. Do you really think that God would deny you over anything the religious system claims is a sin? Not one living person can obey the thousands of commandments written.

Juan Rosario
Orlando, FL

Santos Sacrilege

Fantastic fajitas: I agree with many of the statements about Santos, The Taste of Mexico -- the margaritas are outstanding, and the enchiladas are delicious ["Chipinque Cuisine," by Robb Walsh, November 30]. However, I wholeheartedly disagree with your assessment of the chicken fajitas. The meat is not standing in a "pool of water," but rather in awesome peppery gravy that makes the fajitas to-die-for. (I thought a food critic would know the difference between water and gravy.) My husband and I eat at Santos at least three or four times a month and rarely order anything besides those chicken fajitas. We have never tasted any better, and we have tried many throughout Houston. Furthermore, the service at Santos is second to none. We have always been extremely well-attended to by each and every staff member. The chips and salsas are always plentiful, the tea glasses are never empty, and the service comes with a smile and a welcoming handshake. If your readers are looking for a great meal at a fair price, do what we do, and make Santos a weekly habit...You won't regret it.

Kerri Coffman Fujiwara

Man, that was mean! After eating at different places around the world, generally when I go to a restaurant I really don't care what the name of the food on the menu is called, as long as the food and drinks are great, the place is clean and the service is prompt. Santos provides all three. So what if they got creative with the food names? It's still a very fine dining establishment on the west side of town, as well as a family-oriented place that is not overpriced. I have met the Santoses on several occasions, and they are very nice people who do not deserve the negative aspects of your review. So what if they got creative? It seems like you did also, by spelling Rob with 2 b's!

E. White

An off day: I read your article on Santos, and I couldn't disagree more. I have had the mixed mesquite grill many times, and never have I had the experience you had. The meat is always delicious, and this particular item is one of my favorites on the menu. Also, you failed to mention that a mesquite grill for two will likely feed four people. The portions are huge, and the meat tender and juicy. I'm sure any item on a menu can have an off day, and it sounds to me like that's what happened in your case.

I say, give this menu item another chance, and I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Chad Helmcamp

Forgetting the food: After reading your review of Santos the Taste of Mexico this morning, I find myself asking, what exactly do the names of the dishes on the menu have to do with the quality, value and taste of the food? I'm sorry, but it just struck me as more "inside the loop we're hipper than the rest of the world" garbage.

Perhaps you just needed to fill space and rather than actually delve into the food offerings, it was easier to look for cheap shots.

I will take exception to your comments regarding the Santos; I've had it a number of times and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys grilled meats and in abundance. It is delicious and more food than two good little eaters can handle.

I was also disappointed that you missed some of Santos's great points. There was nothing about their exemplary tamales, with a truly outstanding chili gravy that features brisket instead of hamburger; the tacos musicos; chopped carnitas studded with fresh jalapeos, which are delightful; and the great chicken soup. You missed the mark on Santos's carnitas. I believe I've had carnitas in about a zillion different places around Houston, and I can't find a thing wrong with what Santos delivers. Maybe you should stick to the taqueras, as apparently a Mexican restaurant that aspires to serve higher-quality ingredients doesn't appeal to you. I can only hope the readers of the Houston Press will take the time and reach their own conclusions about Santos.

Walter Hammock


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