Healthy Big Macs, Only In Houston
Photo by Chris MacGregor

Healthy Big Macs, Only In Houston

Why the hell is your Big Mac so small? Because you live in Houston.

Houston is apparently the only US test market for McDonald's new "Snack Wrap Mac," which looks to be a  smaller Big Mac in a tortilla.

We're sure grosser things have been contemplated before, but then again maybe not.

Nation's Restaurant News reports that Houston and Canadian markets are the guinea pigs for this attempt at healthy eating. 

This introduction marries two trends in quick service that have driven many of the segment's new food offerings: portable, tortilla-wrapped snacks and miniature burgers. McDonald's rolled out its line of Snack Wraps, made with fried or grilled chicken, in 2006. Several competitors followed suit with similar wrapped snacks, including Wendy's, KFC and Dairy Queen, among others.

More recently, mini-burgers have become a popular menu addition at fast-food chains. Burger King recently introduced BK Burger Shots, miniature burgers sold in packs of two or six, and Jack in the Box said it would soon roll out Mini Sirloin Burgers.


While we're all for healthy eating (in moderation) and we've never been Big Mac fans, the photos we've seen of this thing (which we can't post due to copyright issues) look kinda repulsive.

A hamburger patty, some lettuce and the usual goop in a tired-looking tortilla? That's good eating.

McDonald's has no word on how long the test will last, so best hurry out now.

As for us, wake us up when they put McRibs in a tortilla. On second thought, dont.



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