Make his next one a Shiner
Make his next one a Shiner

Here's Something: Obama Polls As Well As Perry in Texas; Both Over 50 Percent

Here's something we wouldn't have guessed: Texans give President Obama about as good a job approval rating as they do Governor Rick Perry.

More surprising, both are over 50 percent.

The Texas Lyceum has a new poll out, and it shows Obama with an approval rating of 51 percent among Texans, while Perry is at 54 percent. With a margin of error of 3.7 percent, that's pretty close.

Some of Obama's rating, the Lyceum says, can be traced to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which happened three weeks before the polling began. But even last year at this time Obama had a 47 percent approval rating in Texas, the Lyceum says. The poll is of likely voters.

And what about a Perry presidential run?

Not so good. Of those polled, 48 percent said they planned to vote in the Republican primary and 33 percent in the Democratic.

Of those GOP voters, the percentage who said they would vote for Perry if he was running was....nine.

Almost double figures!!

Perry did edge out Herman Cain. Mitt Romney led the way with 16 percent, Sarah Palin had 14 percent, Ron Paul had 10 and then came the Perry juggernaut.

Obama's approval rating here, for what it's worth, doesn't make Texas in play in 2012. Asked who they'd vote for in 2012, 35 percent said Obama and 44 percent said "Republican candidate."


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