He's A Bribe-Taker And A Giver Of Knowledge

He's A Bribe-Taker And A Giver Of Knowledge

One thing you can say about city officials in Hempstead, the sleepy town 50 miles west of here in Waller County -- they know how to rip off their taxpayers. And they like to share that knowledge, the gift of their experience, in a clear, concise style.

Former Hempstead Mayor Pro-Tem Larry Wilson and City Alderman Paris Kincade pleaded guilty this week to accepting bribes and committing fraud in connection with their constiuent work with a compnay seeking demolition contracts.

Wilson accepted a $10,000 bribe and Kincade accepted a $3,000 bribe connected to demolition contracts valued at $19,650, US Attorney Tim Johnson said.That doesn't really sound too efficient, really, but the two politicos also discussed getting the company further contracts worht $160.000.

And then there was the advice they gave on just how to rip off the town.

"Wilson was captured on tape explaining how the cooperating witness could inflate city contracts stating 'It take[s] you $10,000 to tear that down. You tell me it'll take you 15.,'" prosecutors said.

That Wilson. He's all about the teaching, the passing on to future generations.

Both guyt five years and a $350,00 fine;sentencing is set for May.s could ge


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