Hey, Houston!! Show Off Your Fat Ass For British TV!!

Hey, Houston!! Show Off Your Fat Ass For British TV!!
Photo by Mykl Roventine

Drangonfly Productions is a London company that makes documentaries. They are working one one now about morbid obesity.

They're filming in Mexico, Europe, the South Pacific Islands, Africa....and Houston.

"We are looking for some of the world's heaviest families -- where more than one member of the family suffers from obesity or morbid obesity -- who are happy to spend a day or two with our English presenter and show them their way of life," the company tells us

What could possibly go wrong here? An English "presenter" and an obese Texas family....nope, we don't see anything that could go wrong.

Dragonfly says it is "open to families that embrace their size OR are hoping to embark on a healthier lifestyle." But if we had to guess, we'd bet a big ol' Texas family "embracing their size" around a barbecue grill filled with sausages and brisket would be better than one trying to eat healthy.

If you're somehow interested -- and fat!! -- contact He can't wait to hear from you.

Be sure to throw in a couple of "y'alls" and tell him how you've been "fixin' to get on that there English TV one day."

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