Hey There, Little Lady: David McDavid Nissan Reaches Out to Women

The kind, totally un-condescending patriarchs at David McDavid Nissan have announced the launching of “female-friendly” Web sites designed specifically for women car-shoppers. According to the auto giant’s press release, “The Female Friendly site is an extension of the main site, with many of the same features simply presented in a more appealing and inviting format for the female audience.” This includes a talking cartoon named Patty, whose animated visage is ensconced in a pretty purple ribbon.

We haven’t made it all the way through the Houston site yet, but hopefully it will answer such female-oriented auto questions such as:

1.) I like cute pink cars. Do you sell those?

2.) My husband said we need a car with a big engine-thingy, but I’m afraid of loud “vroom-vroom” noises. Do you have any cars that sound more like my cat, Miss Whiskers?

3.) Instead of getting a spare tire in the trunk, could I get a spare make-up set, in case I forget my lipstick and eyeshadow?

4.) Are any of your cars Oprah-approved?

5.) I really don’t know what a “fair” price is for a new car. If I give you a blank check, can I trust you enough to write in a reasonable amount?

6.) What’s a cylinder, and how many do I need?

7.) What kind of SUV will make all the other soccer moms jealous?

8.) Do you have any cars that will match my new pair of Jimmy Choos?

-- Craig Malisow


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