Hey!! We Almost Made It Through A Few Days Without A Fire Department Racism Scandal!

The hits keep on coming at HFD. At least they no doubt have the process down for putting on a press conference to decry yet another racist incident in their ranks.

The Chron is reporting that another noose-like bit of rope has been found in a fire station.It apparently was discovered last week, but HFD was too busy reacting to various other racial incidents to mention it until the paper asked. In the department's defense, it can be very hard to keep up with all these things.

Executive assistant chief Rick Flanagan described the discovered rope to the Chron as "a lasso," which is quaint.

Go Texan Day is often celebrated at HFD in July, as opposed to the rest of the city celebrating it in February.

The previous piece of "IT'S NOT A NOOSE!!!" rope was described as a bit of knot practice.

So, if you're keeping score at home, that's two non-nooses, some racist and sexist graffiti, and racial epithets broadcast over the private HFD radio channel by someone who allegedly wasn't a firefighter.

We fully expect the mayor and HFD administration to deplore the newest non-noose and to promise a full and thorough investigation.

By this time they're just hitting CTRL-C on the keyboard anyway.


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