High School Photo Contest

Yasmeen Smalley took home first place. Click here to see the other entries.

The start of a new school year is rife with expectation, so it comes as little surprise that the latest round of our high school photo contest brought offerings that hinted at action beyond the pictures' ­borders.

Yasmeen Smalley of Bellaire High School takes home first place for her stellar capture of two soccer players walking to practice. This photo had it all: great lighting, a unique angle and action that pointed at even more action. Nice job, ­Yasmeen.

Second place goes to Rachel Mowrey of Mayde Creek High School, whose shot really captured the crowd's excitement. We can only wonder what happened that made them so giddy. Rachel also gets our online readers' choice award.


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Garrett Bailey of Robert E. Lee High School gets third place for his photo of pristine lockers. Action is conspicuously missing from this photo, but we know it'll soon be there with the ring of a bell.

Congrats to our three winners. They get bookstore gift certificates and become eligible for a $1,000 college scholarship.

The theme for our next round is Weather, no matter whether it's sunny, rainy or snowy. Bonus points for showing us the effects of weather, such as a soggy dog, a dried-up creek, a felled tree. Visit blogs.houstonpress.com/houstoned/high_school_photo_contest for more information. Don't stare directly at the sun or go chasing any tornados.

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