High School Photo Contest: Primary Winners

FIRST PLACE: South Houston HS Band members show off the variety of colors available in the popular Converse All Stars line.
Reggie Smith

We asked Houston's high school students to give us photos of color, and they brought back reds, blues, yellows and everything in between.

Newcomer Reggie Smith of South Houston High School takes home first place for his clever lineup of Converse All Stars.

Frequent contributor Yasmeen Smalley of Bellaire High School gets second for her nicely framed photo of a dog in Peru.


High school art students

Third place goes to frequent contributor Caitlin Brown of St. John's School, whose photo of biking children nailed all the primary colors and then some.

Mayde Creek's Rachel Mowrey, another frequent contributor, gets an honorable mention for her non-red rose.

Congrats to all our winners. They will receive bookstore gift certificates and have their work entered in our year-long contest for a $1,000 scholarship. On that note, we'll be announcing the big winner next month, and then we'll start all over again. Many thanks to all who submitted, and to those who didn't, we have to ask: What do you have against free money?

For more information, visit blogs.houstonpress.com/houstoned/high_school_photo_contest.

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