High School Photo Contest: Weather

FIRST PLACE: Raindrops fall from the side of a house during a rainstorm. Click to see this and other winning photos.
Mariah McWhorter

The theme for November and December was weather, no matter whether it was nasty or fair, and we got plenty of climatic entries. You can see them all here, but now it's time to announce the winners.

Perennial placer Mariah McWhorter of Kingwood High School pulled off a first this time around, sweeping the top two slots with 1) her masterfully framed shot of raindrops on the side of a house and 2) her narrative depiction of what happens when a hurricane kisses a mobile home.

Caitlin Brown of St. John's School took home third for her photo of the Sierras, and let's hear it for what might be the best caption this contest has seen so far.


high school photographers

These two hotshots get bookstore gift certificates and become eligible for our end-of-the-contest, where they'll get a chance to have their work displayed by FotoFest International and one superstar will win a $1,000 college scholarship.

Our next theme is color. The photos can be of anything, so long as they do interesting things with reds, blues, yellows and everything in between. All ­Houston-area high school students are eligible. Visit blogs.houstonpress.com/houstoned/high_school_photo_contest for more information and to see all of this round's entries. Questions? Drop us a line at studentphotos@houstonpress.com.

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