Some being left behind
Some being left behind

HISD & No Child Left Behind: Still Not There, But Making Progress, District Says

Another week, another bunch of statistics and reports on public school district performance.

Today it's a report on how districts are doing in making progress towards a 2014 deadline to meet standards in the No Child Left Behind Act.

For two years, the Houston school district hasn't met the progress guidelines. Now you can add a third year, although fewer schools are lagging.

HISD announced that 249 of its schools were ranked as making adequate yearly progress toward the goals; last year that figure was 235. There were 25 schools listed as not making adequate progress, as opposed to 27 last year.

"The district, as a whole, Missed AYP due to special education reading and math scores.," spokesman Norm Uhl said.

As always, take all these reports with a big grain of salt. If you want to wallow in the stats, check out the Texas Education Agency listing.


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