HISD Cancels All Athletic Events And Field Trips Today

The Houston school district is doing a good job of constantly updating its weather-related info page here.

The latest news: All games and field trips are canceled today.

We're still waiting to hear from the district as to what today's TAKS cancellation means -- whether they will still follow the normal schedule but just tack on today's test at the end, or whether everything will get moved back a day.

But between today's storms and the swine-flu scare, it's an easy day for a kid to get out of school.

Update: The Fort Bend ISD website has this on the TAKS schedule: "The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has decided that TAKS testing scheduled for April 28 in school districts that were closed today will be held on Wednesday, April 29. All testing days move up one day with the Friday test being administered on Monday, May 4."


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