Changes at Terry Grier's signature turn-around program
Changes at Terry Grier's signature turn-around program

HISD's Apollo 20 Dealing With Some Outbound Personnel

In today's Examiner newpapers, editor Charlotte Aguilar breaks the news that Jeremy Beard, the school improvement officer assigned to oversee the turnaround project for the district's low-performing schools, is leaving Houston ISD.

Instead, he'll go to work for Blueprint Schools Network, part of Dr. Roland Fryer's Harvard EdLabs. Fryer is the consultant who worked on HISD's Apollo project. According to what Aguilar was told, Mark Bedell, the school improvement officer for the district's alternative and charter high schools, will oversee Apollo high schools and someone else (maybe two different people?) will oversee the Apollo middle schools and elementaries.

In other Apollo 20 news of the day, a friend of Hair Balls informs us that June 30 will be the last day of employment as principal of Attucks Middle School for Patricia Brown.

Last month, when the district released its students' TAKS scores, concentrating on what had happened at the Apollo 20 schools with its extra tutoring and extended school year and days, superintendent Terry Grier acknowledged that the results at Attucks had been a disappointment. At that time, he repeated his oft-made statement that people who don't do the job for the district will have to go.

We sent an e-mail to spokesman Jason Spencer asking about Brown, and will update with a reply when we get it. As of this week, HISD went to a four-day workweek in order to economize over the summer and administrative offices are included in the Friday shutdown.


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