Port Lavaca's Hope floats in 3-D next month
Port Lavaca's Hope floats in 3-D next month
Photos courtesy hopedworaczyk.com

Hope Dworaczyk, Playboy's First 3-D Centerfold, Is A Local Girl!!

Playboy, a magazine that is far, far above such desperate gimmicks as a cartoon-character centerfold, has announced its coming issue will be in 3-D. Or at least the centerfold will.

And who will that centerfold model be? She's Hope "Thank God for cut-and-paste" Dworaczyk, the pride of Port Lavaca!!

Dworaczyk is 2010's Playmate of the Year, and she has been in the magazine before. A former Miss Teen Texas, she graduated from Hope High in Port Lavaca and is now host of some infotainment show in Canada.

Dworaczyk told the Assoiated Press the 3-D experience enhances her assets.

So, do the glasses work? Well, it does kind of look like Dworaczyk is handing you the wine glass she's holding.

And she says the photograph makes everything a little, well, bigger.

"It's kind of like it says on the rearview mirror," Dworaczyk joked. "Things may appear larger."

Thank God this magazine exists, or we'd have to go to the internet for porn, and who knows if they even have it on there, where kids might be able to access it?

The pride of Port Lavaca
The pride of Port Lavaca

What do the locals think of all this? The Victoria Advocate caught up with her when she came back home after making her initial Playboy appearance in 2009. Some highlilghts from the comments to the story:

-- "I come back into town to read this?! ok, I get the whole small town girl makes it big, follows her dreams blah, but seriously, when did Playboy become wholesome? Good for her she's giving back to her community, so she should....we all do."

-- "lol...this is so 'victoria'....a girl from Port Lavaca makes it big in 'Playboy' OMG have you people gone mad??? Is this supposed to be something to be 'proud' of.....a naked spread in Playboy? And then trying to play it off with her volunteering in the feast of sharing for HEB? I highly doubt that HEB wants to be part of this girl's story.......this story is so dumb.....

Of course, not everyone was critical:

-- "I think Victoria & Port Lavaca are lucky to have someone doing something with their life, besides stay in those ignornant-minded towns, to get pregnant at 16 & live off the government, or be a gang-banger...."


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