Hospital Loses Part Of Man's Skull; Man Gets Pissed

Patients can lose a lot of things when they go to the hospital: That Grisham paperback, a pair of socks, maybe their eyeglasses.

Marvin Simmons lost part of his skull. And the UT-Medical Branch says they can't find it to put it back.

Simmons would dearly like it back, though, so he's suing.

"A lawsuit filed Wednesday in the 122nd District Court against the University of Texas Medical Branch on behalf of the 53-year-old Galveston man claims the hospital lost the 8-inch by 4-inch piece of skull and canceled three surgeries to replace it before admitting the mistake," the Galveston County Daily News reports.

Man, that's great -- three surgeries scheduled. We guess each time they were hoping the thing would just pop up somewhere. ("Okay Nurse, try to remember -- where was the last place you saw that piece of skull?")

Doctors put in some titanium mesh to replace the missing piece, but as Simmons' lawyer says -- in a statement we find difficult to dispute -- “Every doctor agrees that in the long-term, it’s always much better to replace the portion of the skull that was removed.”

"Nurse, have you checked your purse? Behind the sofa cushions? A piece of skull doesn't just GET UP AND WALK AWAY ON ITS OWN, DAMMIT!!"

-- Richard Connelly


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