Hotel Galvez: Your Room, 100 Years Ago

Images courtesy Hotel Galvez
Luxury, 1911-style. We assume this picture comes from a 100-year-old tweet.
As the Hotel Galvez winds up for its big 100th anniversary next month -- details announced today include a big fireworks display over the Gulf -- let's take a look at the typical room in 1911.

We don't know how much it cost, but it's cozy. We see NO outlets for rechargers, and we don't know if wi-fi is available. But, you know, there are plenty of mirrors, including the three-part table one, which looks suspiciously placed in order to reflect any bed activity.

Hotel Galvez: Your Room, 100 Years Ago

And maybe that bedroom fun would be with this buxom wench. After all, anyone willing to show the degree of stocking this wanton lass is displaying must be a real kitten in the sack.

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